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This is a UK based discusson group concerning the education of visually impaired students/persons. The forum aims to provide an opportunity for all employed, associated & interested in this field to share experiences, techniques & resources
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 Information - How to request or find a book

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Information - How to request or find a book Empty
PostSubject: Information - How to request or find a book   Information - How to request or find a book EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 10:10 am

Requesting help to find a book is easy here. Chance are that people using the forum, will have come across a particular book before and will know where to find it. Below is are a couple of pointers to aid you and other in requesting the location of specific Ebooks.

For those people requesting a particular book, if you follow the simple ecample below.
  • Book Title:, Author:

Members replying to a person's request for a book should follow the example below.
  • Book Title: Author: Link:

So, an example would look like this:

I require the following book for the start of the September term.
  • Book Title: Macbeth
    Author: William Shakespeare

You can find the book at Project Guttenburg.

If you've found a book that is useful and think that it will benefit our users then start a new 'post' and use the Book Title: Author: Link: example to display your find!
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Information - How to request or find a book
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