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This is a UK based discusson group concerning the education of visually impaired students/persons. The forum aims to provide an opportunity for all employed, associated & interested in this field to share experiences, techniques & resources
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 Guidelines for preparing Written resources in Braille for Students

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PostSubject: Guidelines for preparing Written resources in Braille for Students   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:53 am

***Please Note****

This is by no means a definitive guide. It is, however, the method used by our resource staff when preparing written work that is converted into Braille from Microsoft Word 2003/2007 with the use of Duxbury DBT and a Index Basic D Embosser.


All work should be typed justified to the left. (No titles in the middle of the page etc, everything typed next to the left-hand margin.)

All columns should be typed underneath each other (not side by side) unless part of a table.

italics, bold, underlining or bullet points when typing resources for Braille. As they don’t make any difference!

For large print only bold, bullet points and italics may be used in maths (for algebra).

All headings should be in capitals (and not underlined).

When typing books, start a new page at the beginning of every page of the book, number each page in line with the book rather than the typing. Please create a folder, properly named with the title of the book and then in the folder open a new word document for every chapter of the book again named/ numbered for each chapter.

E.G. GCSE Science Foundation
- Chapter 1
- Chapter 2 etc.

When typing exam papers start a new page for every new question.
Do not put boxes around words or paragraphs
When typing a table for Braille: type in information then for each column type (space)… then information and again (space)… etc
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Guidelines for preparing Written resources in Braille for Students
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