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This is a UK based discusson group concerning the education of visually impaired students/persons. The forum aims to provide an opportunity for all employed, associated & interested in this field to share experiences, techniques & resources
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 This is what the forum is about!

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This is what the forum is about! Empty
PostSubject: This is what the forum is about!   This is what the forum is about! EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 4:05 pm

Here you are, you made it, congratulations!!

If you're new to the VI world then here is a small introduction. This forum is aimed at people that work with persons that suffer from a visual impairment (VI) primarily those people that are in , be that teachers, support staff, technicians, local authority and even students.

The aim of this forum is to allow its users to exchange ideas, information and techniques on a free basis, as the forum has been setup up freely thanks to: We would like to think of this forum as an organised 'hub' of information that users can refer to, communicate with like minded people and assist teachers, TA's, and other professionals working in the VI field with educating people with a visual impairment.

You may of noticed that this forum has just been setup, and that there will undoubtedly be errors, mistakes and perhaps some downtime. Currently I'm carrying out the deployment of this forum with one other, so please be patient if any requests or ideas aren't implemented immediately, I aim to fulfill them ASAP!

I am aware that there are other support forums on the Internet but I feel that maybe this forum maybe successful as them if not even more! So please, if you have any constructive comments about the forum please post them!

On a personal note, I suffer from a VI, and have done since birth. I work as a VI resource technician and LSA at a secondary school.

So I/we look forward to seeing you on these boards!! Thank you for taking the time to visit the forum.

The Management Very Happy
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This is what the forum is about!
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